How To “Defend” The Doctrine Of A Successful Savior

The Salvation Of All – By Daniel Sheridan  #SuccessfulSavior #Bible #Love #Joy #Peace
The best defense of the doctrine of the salvation of all is the doctrine itself. There are those who feel their job in life is to “defend” doctrine through dispute. They tear down others, arrogantly pretend they are ordained by God to be His “champion,” and seem to take a great delight ripping into their “enemies.” I must confess, I used to feel that way myself. This manner of “defense,” however, is completely out of character with the principles of the message itself.
—Kittens Defending Lions
People who think their job is to “defend the faith” are like little kittens guarding a caged lion. In my case it dawned on my one day how dumb that was. A kitten defending a lion? So I let the lion out of the cage to defend himself. “Church Father” Origen was asked to refute the pagan Greek philosopher Celsus who used philosophy to try to discredit Christianity. He responded as follows:
“When false witnesses testified against our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, He remained silent, and when unfounded charges were brought against him, he returned no answer. Believing that his whole life and conduct among the Jews were a better refutation than any answer to the false testimony, or than any formal defence against the accusations. And I know not, my pious Ambrosius, why you wished me to write a reply to the false charges brought by Celsus against the Christians, and to his accusations directed against the faith of the Churches in his treatise. As if the facts themselves did not furnish a manifest refutation, and the doctrine a better answer than any writing, seeing it both disposes of the false statements, and does not leave to the accusations any credibility or validity.” Origen contra Celsum, 248 A.D.
The facts we proclaim are the caged lion. Don’t worry about defending it, just let it out and it will defend itself. But always remember, let us, like our Lord, adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things. The combination of the glad message held by a good person are irrefutable proofs of the truths of the message. Let’s take a look at our caged lion:
—The Message
“A partial salvation is not possible, for Christ redeems, not individual men, but mankind; not human beings severally, but humanity. Christ has nothing to do with a part of our race. As the second ADAM, He sums up in Himself and saves the human race, ‘For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.’ Christ, I repeat, in His Incarnation deals not with the units of our race, but with the race itself as the unit.”
“With all earnestness, I repeat that our choice lies between accepting the victory of Christ or of evil, and between these alternatives only. Escape from this dilemma there is none. It avails nothing to diminish, as many now teach, the number of the lost; or to assert that they will be finally annihilated. All such modifications leave quite untouched the central difficulty of the popular creed – the triumph of evil. Sin for ever present with its taint, even in a single instance, is sin triumphant. Sin, which God has been unable to remove (and has had no resource but to annihilate the sinner) is sin triumphant and death victorious.”
“To teach unending sin in hell, even in a solitary instance, and under any conceivable modification, is to teach the victory of evil. To us this seems at once a libel on God and an untruth — a libel because it imputes to God a final acquiescence in sin; an untruth, because it teaches that His Omnipotence breaks down at the very moment it is most needed, and that His Love and Purity can rest with absolute complacency, while pain and evil riot and rot forever.”
—Indisputable Facts
Now who can argue with that? What kitten needs to guard that lion? Christ is Triumphant! This doctrine is a “better answer than any writing, seeing it both disposes of the false statements” of those who oppose, “and does not leave to the accusations any credibility or validity.”
Jesus Christ is a Successful Savior!

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