A Minister’s True Calling…

XIR23264 Martin Luther’s Sermon, detail from a triptych, 1547 (oil on panel) by Cranach, Lucas, the Elder (1472-1553); Church of St.Marien, Wittenberg, Germany; Giraudon; German, out of copyright
Just after Luther’s death, Lucas Cranach created this beautiful painting. Katharina Von Bora, the wife of Luther, and Cranach himself are in the picture. This image captures beautifully the essence of Luther’s preaching – as it should characterize every minister’s ministry.
Luther is in the pulpit, the Bible is opened before him, and his finger pointing to the text. Where is his other finger pointing? To Jesus Christ and Him crucified!
The minister isn’t the celebrity in this photo. Notice how men, women, and children are looking, not at Luther, but at Christ – the message which he is preaching. Luther is pointing them to Christ and they are enthralled with Christ.
The message of Christ both saves and transforms the world (1 Corinthians 15:20-28, Romans 5:18-19, Colossians 1:13-20). Luther believed, and rightly so, that the Word of God is living. It is God speaking to humanity. The Word of God transforms individuals and communities.
Look to Jesus Christ, crucified, buried, risen, and ascended! He is the Savior of All Mankind! 

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