#OTD, May 4th, 553, Universalists are Officially Condemned For Believing…

#OTD, May 4th, 553, Universalists are Officially Condemned For Believing that Jesus Christ is Successful and All Inclusive.
The teaching of the final salvation of all mankind was taught in Scripture and proclaimed by many believers in the earliest centuries after the Apostles fell asleep. God was believed to be both just and benevolent, and that all mankind, including angelic beings, would be restored to happiness and holiness.
It wasn’t until the Fifth General Council, which convened in Constantinople on this day, May 4th, 553, that this teaching was given a formal anathema.
“Whosoever says or thinks,” arrogantly declares the presuming body which believes it can govern human thought, “that the torments of demons and of impious men are temporal, so that they will, at length, come to an end, or whoever holds a restoration of either of the demons, or the impious, let him be anathema.”
Universalism wasn’t put down by reason, argument, or appeals to Scripture, but by brute force. Brute force executed Christ, persecuted the early Church, and attempted to forever silence the good news of Christ’s saving work. Biblical Universalism is never promoted by force. It comes gently, but irresistibly, satisfying both the heart and the mind, and it pours peace, joy, and love, both for self and humanity, into every heart it touches. Where the doctrine of eternal torment has reigned, however, there has been violence, plunder, slavery, misogyny, political intrigue, envy, greed, division, anathemas, shameful behavior, and hatred.
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