PODCAST: The Plain Guide to Universalism, Lesson 1 – Who Are Universalists?

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The greatest story ever told really is the greatest story ever told.

I’ve had people, once they find out I’m a Biblical Universalist, run to the internet, type the word universalist in the search box, and then look at the first few pages that come up, and base their understanding of what I am from that research. The conclusions they reach are so off the wall that it becomes hard to convince them of the truth of the matter. They have been prejudiced by faulty research.

I want to, in this series, answer the following questions:

1. Who are universalists?

2. What do they believe?

3. What are the Scriptural foundations of their faith?

4. How do they answer the objections to their faith?

5. And, finally, what are the duties of universalists?

Listen to, Who Are Universalists:

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