WARNING! Graphic Content. The Greatest Question Ever Asked, Lesson 4: Catholic and Protestants on Hell.

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The words of orthodox hell teachers, both Catholic and Protestant, who said the burning and torture of children is both charming, edifying, and entertaining! Can this be true?

Hell is a doctrine more fictional than any sci-fi and fantasy writers could ever invent. The “God” of eternal torment is a monster far scarier than has appeared in any horror movie.

There’s better news. God loves you, your children, and even your pets.

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Presidents and Justices on The Bible

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John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR tell us what they think about the Bible.

Did you know that American soldiers, before they left to fight in WW2, were given a Gideon’s New Testament especially printed for them with a note from FDR? What did he write?

Finally, how do you know you’re reading it wrong? Find out. Enjoy #POTUS #SCOTUS #Bible #BibleStudy #SuccessfulSavior

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The Plain Guide to Universalism, Lesson 4: Eternal Torment’s Dark Theology Leads to Dark Ages, and then, a Renaissance!

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Truth goes underground in dark ages. But what happens when people once again are able to think for themselves? Can eternal torment doctrine survive when the common people have access to learning? Can religious and civil tyrants control the thinking of an educated people? What is it about the Renaissance that led to the revival of Universalism? How did the printing press advance the cause of Universalism?

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How God Has Preserved His Word

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Paul said, “As in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.” If the Old Testament is a myth, there was no such person as Adam. As a result, Paul was bearing false witness, and Jesus Christ, who believed the Old Testament, was part of the conspiracy. That means the Christian has no message to share! If Genesis is a myth, then nobody died in Adam, and nobody, as a consequence, will be made alive in Christ.

Learn in this audio why I believe the Bible to be the Word of God and how the Great Author went through great pains to make sure we had a rock-solid foundation upon which to build our faith.

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The Book of Books: Read it. Know it. Share it.

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PODCAST: The Book of Books: Read it. Know it. Share it.

The Bible is the foundation of our faith. It begins with God, and it ends with God becoming all in all. Along the way is the unfolding drama of redemption, which has a happy ending for everyone. Shepherds, kings, fruit gatherers, businessmen, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, fishermen, tentmakers, women, and priests contributed their portions to a larger work which is perfect in its parts and consistent as a whole.

Join me on this sightseeing tour of the Bible in its Context and Flow. We will scale the heights of Mt. Morah, take part in the lavish banquets of Oriental Kings, and recline in the living room of an insignificant woman of Galilee. Every scene is a segment of the greatest story ever told.

This series will also include study-guide commentaries which will be published periodically. The first commentary/study guide will cover Matthew 1-4, the second will cover Matthew 5-8, and so on. Please consider supporting this work. Our goal is to reach the world with the Biblical message of the Successful Savior!

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The Greatest Question Ever Asked: Is Jesus Christ Really The Savior of the World? Lesson 3 – One Billion Years In Hell!

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One billion years equals the time from Khufu’s Pyramid to our day multiplied by 250,000. The popular creed says Jesus will burn people for an endless succession of billion-year increments without mercy. The belief condemns babies, the poor and starving in foreign lands, and all races and sexes regardless of age or circumstance to this eternal nightmare. Can this be true? Can such a God be loved and adored?

The good news is that Holy Scripture and sound reason vindicate the benevolent nature of the Supreme God of this horrible and criminal creed.


PODCAST – The Greatest Question Ever Asked: Is Jesus Christ Really The Savior of the World? Lesson 2 – Which Doctrine Puts Justice On A Firm Foundation?

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Orthodox hell glorifies sin, establishes it forever, and destroys justice. The Westboro Baptist types logically apply the pagan hell-doctrine, the rest, thank God, never logically apply the hell doctrine. But the teaching of a Successful Savior alone glorifies God, puts justice on a solid foundation, and is in complete harmony with Scripture and our God-given gift of reason.


PODCAST – The Greatest Question Ever Asked: Is Jesus Christ Really The Savior of the World? Lesson 1: Crossroads

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Can Evil triumph finally over Good? This question is a crossroads. Which road will you choose? If you answer yes, you teach the unsuccessful Savior and a vanquished God. If you say no, you teach the Successful Savior and the victorious God.

The doctrine of eternal torment is an insult to the character of God. For if sin lingers forever in a single human heart, if a single child of the Great Parent perishes eternally, whether annihilated, or sent to Hell, then the Cross is a failure, and the Devil a victor.

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