Context and Flow Bible Commentary

The following links are a series of audios discussing the Word of God verse-by-verse in its context and flow. Our faith is based on the written word of God.

Our format will follow Paul’s directions to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13, where he is told to “give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.” In that spirit, the first part of each audio lesson will consist of a careful Reading of the portion of Scripture under consideration. In the second part, we will provide Exhortation and Teaching. We make no claims of infallibility; we are students sharing what we’ve learned from God’s holy book. Enjoy. 

Introduction to the Bible

Lesson 1: The Book of Books – Read it. Know it. Share it.
Lesson 2: How God Has Preserved His Word
Lesson 3: Presidents and Justices on The Bible
Lesson 4: Advice to Bible Students
Lesson 5: Comments on Commentaries

The Gospel of Matthew

Lesson 1: Meet Matthew
Lesson 2: The Family Tree of the Savior of the World