Successful Bible Commentary

This is a series of audios and corresponding transcripts discussing the Word of God verse-by-verse. Our format will follow Paul’s injunction in 1 Timothy 4:13 where Timothy is told to “give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.” So in the first part of each program we will carefully Read the portion of Scripture under consideration and give the sense the best we can. In the second part of this program we will provide Exhortation, which is the act of inciting to praise-worthy deeds; and we will provide Doctrine, which is a noun which comes from the Latin “to teach.” We make no claims to infallibility; we are students sharing what we’ve learned. Enjoy. 

Matthew 1:1-17
Matthew 1:18-25 
—Supplement to Matthew 1:18-25 The Virgin With Child 
Matthew 2:1-11
Matthew 2:12-23