Universal Unity

Universal Unity – By Daniel Sheridan
“In thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed” was the great promise God gave to Abraham, and unto Shiloh (place of peace) “shall the gathering of the people be.” The New Testament documents, with the gospel going forth to all peoples, the process leading to the ultimate fulfillment of that promise.
Blessing and peace had illuded mankind. “The religions of antiquity,” wrote D’Aubigne, “rendered impossible this vast assembly of nations. Like the languages of Babel, they were so many walls, which separated nations from one another. The tribes of the earth only worshipped national gods – those gods only suited the nations who made them. They had no points of contact, no sympathy with any people. Falsehood has a thousand strange faces, not resembling each other. Truth only is one, and this only can unite all the races of men. The idea of a universal kingdom of truth and holiness was a stranger to the ancient world. Christ came and accomplished what the religions and sages of the world had not been able to foresee. He is the founder of a kingdom to which all nations are called. He overturns, according to the energetic language of His apostle, the fences, the middle wall of partition which divided all nations, ‘and hath made both one for to make in himself of the two into one new man, thus making peace.'”
Christianity is a message from heaven crossing every border, speaking in all languages, and adapting to any culture. It bestows on human nature a divine life which is the center of unity. With the appearance of Christianity commenced in the universe the only real cosmopolitanism. Citizens of Judea, of Pontus, of Greece, of Egypt, or Rome, till then mutual enemies, embrace like brothers. “Christianity is that tree, of which the Scriptures speak, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. It acts at the same time on the most opposite states of society. It regenerates and vivifies the world, corrupted by the Caesars; and soon after softens and civilizes the barbarous hordes of the North.” And, at this very moment, it produces similar effects on people all over the world. Christ has touched kings of empires and hut-dwelling peasants living in the remotest parts of the earth. The gospel net is cast over the who earth, and the day will come “when a heavenly hand shall hold captive in it all the races of men.”
You hear many today call for unity, and they try to bring it about through elections, laws, and political parties. A new political hierarchy, however, can’t produce a bond of unity, for it carries tempests and discord in its bosom. Christ alone is the ensign the prophets spoke of, and around Him shall the gathering of the peoples be.

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