Successful Articles

Written articles bragging about the Success of Jesus Christ.

The 1833 Universalist Bible Creed
The Universal Need And Provision Of Salvation 
It Is Written – And Still Is! 
The Royal Law  
In Prisons or Palaces – Rejoice! 
A Universalist Historian Contrasted with Herodotus and Thucydides 
God Can Be Counted On  
God’s Goodness Is Like The Sun
Christ: The Central Aim Of Universal History
Christ and History: The Unbroken Fresh Stream Of Divine Light 
What Restores The World?  
Christ Triumphant!
Defending The Successful Savior 
To George Washington 
The Four Gospels  
The Special Salvation Of Believers 
Romans Five’s Account Of Our Successful Savior 
The Meaning of God and LORD
A Minister’s True Calling Illustrated In A Beautiful Painting
The Elevation of Women 
Erasmus of Rotterdam: Humanist 
The Providence of God and the Pax Romana 
A Personal Testimony: Universalism and Human History
Faith’s Realm
The Credibility Of The Four Gospels
The Matthew Of The Gospel Bearing His Name
Odium Generis Humani
There’s Nobody Like Jesus! 
Jesus Saves! 
Envy Conquered By Love 
Luther’s Bible 
Reformation Day
Saint Patrick: How Love Changed The World 
Columbanus: The Dove of the Church
Universalist Statements of Faith 
Restoration Defined
Are You Happy? 
The Gospel and International Relations 
Happy Hellenism vs. Broken-Down Carthaginianism 
Gregory of Nyssa, Suppressed “Fathers,” and our Historic Faith
The King James Bible And The All Inclusive Christmas Message 
By Reading Ye Understand
An Indian Observes What The White Man Learns In Church 
The Preserved Word Of God 
The Wonderful Hope Of Resurrection 
Universal Unity
Are We Better Than Our Fathers?
Morse Code: What Hath God Wrought